This site shows clips from Hololive automatically generated by chat log analysis, based on 30 second groupings of chat messages (lol, kusa, etc.). All clips are set 30 seconds prior to the largest grouping to provide context.
Weeks of August 4, 2019 - May 26, 2024


See this YouTube channel for compilations generated using the algorithm, or use this utility to make your own.
Select a Sunday from the week dropdown to select a week (weeks are Sun-Sat JST). Then, select a streamer and type of clip.

Clip Types

Missing Streams

Not all streams are available in this tool. Some reasons a stream could be missing include: no chat replay, chat replay was removed due to video editing, or the chat replay wasn't available at the time of scan. Streams that were available at the time of the scan but are no longer available will still appear but will be unplayable.

Raw Data

Check the following links to see the raw data available for each clip type: Funny, Fails, Wholesome, Requested, FAQ